12.09.2021 Breathing /sites by Angelo Custódio & Yara Said

Breathing /sites

Participatory performance 12 September 16:00

Breath mediates our embodied dialogue with the world and the ways we relate to it. Its power structures, for example, might set off a cascade of physical changes in the body. This response to different levels of anxiety can be readable in the corpomateriality of breathing.

Culture’s ‘airborne’ transmitted codes insist in censoring the body, and in inscribing desirable patterns aligned with capital accumulation. Although their technologies work on the plasticisation of the human, through several modes of reproduction, the attempts to silence and tame it, only excites the inner ‘wild horse’. The phenomenon of breath prompts embodied flows of resistance as well. They emanate vibrating intensities of a forever evolving form of intimacy, a resonance that when listened, can disrupt the stagnation of binary boundaries.

Breathing /sites is an invitation to attune with the softening waves of breath. Its score generates a sonic moment based on a situational exchange between bodies in space. The participants are invited to embody an act of generosity - breathing to prescribed patterns - a pneumatic continuum where the boundaries between leisure and labor are blurred. In exchange, the breath composition arouses the improvised utterances of Angelo Custódio and Yara Said. This interplay generates a liminal moment where bodies encounter an affective interchange among strangers.

Angelo Custodio (PT/NL, 1983) is a research based artist currently living in Amsterdam. He has been developing a practice informed by critical theory and embodied knowledge. For years trained as a classical singer, Angelo explores the performative use of the voice to develop sonic encounters with the vulnerable. These performative encounters facilitate open cracks - wild(er) spaces - that utterly welcome other embodiments and freer ecologies of living. He urges to nourish empathic understandings of identities, with a focus on the contemporary failure of support structures towards queer bodies and bodies with disability. Angelo has been awarded the Mondriaan Funds’ Stipendium for Emerging Artists (2020 – 2021).

Concept: Angelo Custódio

Performers: Yara Said and Angelo Custódio

Research supported by Mondriaan Funds

The performance event is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst