01.10.2023 Ritual: Dragon Eggs with Yasser Ballemans

Fire Days with Yasser Ballemans

Time: 16pm - 18pm

Location: Four Siblings Labyrinth, Tom Schreursweg 40

Photo: Erik Smits

Join us as we revive the age-old practice of farmers by lighting roaring fires to celebrate harvest and transformation. As we gather the harvest from our garden, we unite to honor another change of seasons. Everyone can participate!

On this occasion, participants of the Dragon Eggs workshop will put the finishing touches on their sculptures. They will use corn, pumpkins, potatoes, and other vegetables from our garden to create Dragon Eggs. You are warmly welcome to join them in this delightful culinary creation. And with joyful anticipation, we will set the Dragon Eggs Kiln ablaze.

We warmly invite you to be a part of this splendid celebration – an ode to harvest and the culmination of Yasser Ballemans' remarkable project.

Yasser Ballemans is interested in the role of art in rituals, such as parades, campfires, carnival and commemorations. He researches how ornaments, decorations and “old-fashioned” techniques can be used in a contemporary way. Collective artistic practices play a major role in his ongoing research into the role of art in the much needed social and political innovations. His approach to making is distinctive in that he places a strong emphasis on collaboration with local residents to create art that reflects their desires and aspirations for a particular public space.