19.09.2021 Weed Workshop

Sunday 19 September 14:00 - 16:00

We will host a workshop on weeds and sound with Liza Prins & Layla Durrani!

Together with Layla & Liza, we will work with the weeds that we find on the grounds of our piece of land. They will conduct us to discovere the plants through the five senses. The activitie may take the form of sensory drawing, soundscapes, drawing sounds and so on. We will have paper, coloured penciles but please bring also your own.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Layla Durrani works and lives in Amsterdam. Her art practice is based on collaboration and community building, with a focus on multispecies relationships. Installations, workshops, performances and publications center on reconnecting with subversive plant healing practices, namely herbalism, and craft traditions. After studying Visual Art and Art History in New York, she pursued a master's thesis at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her visual and written ethnographic Master’s thesis focused on multispecies relationships between plants and San Francisco herbalists. She now works part time at the VU as a Research & Teaching assistant in addition to her artistic practice.

Liza Prins is an artist, researcher and writer based in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on the reinterpretation and revaluing of (material) practices that are often coded as feminine. Through collaborative and personal writings and performative works, she recalls those practices that have been forced to the margins of society because, in the eye of an aggressive capitalist ideology, they are not part of progress, or even endanger it. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and exhibition places and her writings have been published in academic and less-academic journals, books and zines. In 2019 she received a young talent grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

Please write contact@foursistersproject.nl to reserve a spot.

During this day our little house will turn into a small library of weeds and plants.

We will end the day with further contributions by other artists, a bonfire and a collective potluck dinner from 18:00 and on. Please see the calendar for full programme.