29.08.2021 Drawing workshop + Dinner

Dear friends, neighbours and garden carers,

The corn is growing and we are all slowly coming back from holidays. To celebrate this Sunday, there will be workshops, lectures, and a dinner in the Four Sisters labyrinth! From 16:00 to 18:00 workshops are given by Heidi Vogels and Delaram Hosseinioun. At 16:00 they will arrive at the cottage on the land to introduce their ideas about the meaning of the garden and flowers.

Heidi will take a group to her own nearby garden for a drawing exercise as part of her project Garden Collectives: Notifications – drawing as a form of description of a place. The drawings will become part of the project archive.

With Delaram's workshop, we are going to draw the various flowers on the land in. Clipboards will be available so that you can freely find inspiration among the flowers in the garden. This workshop is given in English and Dutch.

After the workshops, from 18:00 and on, there will be a potluck diner with bonfire. Everyone will bring a dish and so the table will be full! During dinner, from 18:00, short texts, stories, and poems are shared about the meaning of gardens, landscape, and flowers internationally, by Delaram amongst others. We will form a circle around a bonfire.

You don't need to have any experience with drawing and knowledge of plants but do put on something comfortable and warm. And don’t forget to bring some food:)

If you want to join us for the workshop, please send an email to foursisters@thebeach.nu
We look forward to seeing you in the garden!