24.09.2021 Body Weather: Land Workouts

physical training

For the majority of us, ordinary citizens, bringing food to the table implies going to the supermarket. We can hardly imagine city life without this daily routine. Nevertheless, we live in times where there are numerous reasons for bringing food production closer to home. How can we make food production part of our daily life routine?

Join us for the Body Weather physical training with Astarti Athanasiadou to explore agricultural bodies as a way of re-learning and re-connecting with the landwork, food production and origin of nutritions. Body Weather: Land Workouts consists of warm-up exercises, MB work-out (Muscle/Bone, Mind/Body, Movement/Balance) and landwork activities leading towards movement exploration and improvisation. This training is open to all levels of experience. Basic fitness is recommended.

Are you interested in participating? Please send a message to contact@foursistersproject.nl.

Body Weather is a comprehensive performance training originated in Japan by Min Tanaka. Tanaka founded the Body Weather farm in the village Hakushu near Tokyo in 1985, a space dedicated to common land farming, communal living and dance creations. The bodies were trained by farming life, living practicalities and dance laboratories Tanaka was conducting in the form of workshops. In 2000 the farm workshop was closed for participants and since then the work has been further developed and circulated by members of Tanaka’s dance company Maijuku.

Astarti Athanasiadou has been practicing Body Weather since 2009. She studied Body Weather with Katerina Bakatsaki, Frank van de Ven and Hisako Horikawa, and since 2015 she is part of the annual Body Weather research laboratory led by Frank and/or Katerina in Amsterdam. She transmits, unfolds and evolves this work in the frame of her own expanded dance practice and roaming teaching.


2 pm - 6 pm




All are welcome. Basic fitness recommended