15.07.2021 Reading & Weeding

19:30 - 21:00

Photo by Martine Kamara

We are really excited about our first reading group collaboration with Isobel Dryburgh and Reading Group: Material Grounds!

This session of reading group Women & Land is inspired by a ritual performed by nuns from the Monastery Prohor Pčinjski; they combine reading of a prayer with homesteading activities each and every time the day is too short to finish all the daily tasks. In this way nuns do not separate spiritual practice from daily life activities. By suggesting reading while weeding, we want to re-imagine the relationship between ritual and agriculture.

We will read several texts: one of fiction recalling a memory of a valley, one which looks at the particular method used for growing in the Four Sisters garden and one which contemplates the ritualistic aspect of agriculture and its meaning in contemporary society. Reading will be done together in the session with activities relating to the land. If you are not able to do physical tasks, please don’t be put off, the physical exertion is up to you.

Tickets are available at Het Veem.